New Gamemode

Rimrimat34 OWNER posted Aug 23, 18


Shop super sales!

Fly for everybody.

/hat, /speed, /itemdb, /iteminfo for Phalanx rank and up.

More to come.


Reloqding_ our first Chatmod


OP Sky Block is now Open. No reset. Enjoy

Due to the scarcity of players we decided to close the Prison server for us to prepare a new gamode,

OP SkyBlock


• Rankup system - we have 29 different ranks.

Mines - SB has a totalof 9 mines. The mines are for island improvement but you may sell the blocks for a very minimal amount if you want to. Autosell default to off when you login. Donors & exDonors do not have their own mine to make the game fair for all. Three ranks per mine except the 9th mine that has 5 ranks sharing the mine. The mines are named after the planets of our solar system.

VG Gold - Every mob you killed will drop bag of golds. You can pick these up and will add up to your ingame money. Remember that the gold will be lost if you get killed. You can deposit/withdraw your gold to the VG Bankers located at the shop and at the spawn or in a safe chest. Other than money, mobs will drop different items and xp as usual.

Custom made Island - If you play the single island mode of SB you get a pre-made island with a beautiful house. Other modes include Double Island (2 regular islands but harder) , nether island. You can only get one type of SB island to play.

Silk touch - You can mine spawners. All you have to do is buy your pickaxe the silktouch enchantment. You can also change your spawners to other type. All you have to do is buy a spawner egg at the shop. You cannot change your spawner to the previous one once you changed it.

PVP Arena - /pa join to join the battle arena. /pa leave if you want to quit pvp. Select your class name by clicking the signs. Click the iron block to begin battle. No awards yet for the winner.

Crates - in development. Still waiting for Itsu.

Donors & exDonors - You all retain your ranks. Banned exDonors cannot get their donor rank back.

Enchantment room - Tokens can be acquired in mines. You can get tokens everyday when you play.

Farming is still the best way to get rich.

Daily Rewards - Make sure to login everyday to get your daily rewards.  20 tokes will be added to your account automaticaly when you login. (20hrs cooldown).

Point system  - Website points has been enabled.  The shop will be accepting points as an alternative to real money. So keep visiting the website to earn points. Unnecessary comments and the likes will not be tolerated, being said that, points deduction will be given instead.

Hoppers - attach your hopper on your chest. Type the command  "/lwc flag hopper on" then left click your chest. You must have permission/owner of the chest for this to work.

Too Dark for you use /nv .

Right click your crop to harvest them. Seeds are planted after harvest. Works only with Seeds, Potatos, Carrots, Netherwarts, Beetroot

AntiAfk Plugin has been removed.

Pls comment below for your suggestions.