VardenGalaxy Revamp!

Rimrimat34 OWNER posted Aug 5, 18


Welcome to Vardengalaxy Network!

OP Prison Server

1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12

Visit us at our Discord Channel

Server IP:

Vardengalaxy OP Prison Map

All kits have a 24 hours cooldown, so make sure you have enough room  in your inventory for the kits. Items that don't have rooms in your inventory will be lost. Kit's items may or may not be dropped, once dropped anyone can pick them up.

You can access your playtime by /playtime <username> command.

Use /nv if it is too dark for you. Do /nv again to toggle.

Every kit has a 24 hr. cooldown, meaning you can get the kit again after 24 hrs.

Kit revamp, our gift to you, and the exDonor kit is now available, it will be a one time kit. exDonors can build anything in exDonor mine. Griefing is prohibited. Use /co i to inspect your build.

Use lockette to protect your chest.

The color Gold(&6)  is exclusively for owners only.

You may build a home in the freeworld, ask any admin+ to region your built for protection from others, you may ask admins to include your friends to your home.

The server accepts only one account per IP, but if you have more siblings who wanted to play at Varden you may open a ticket and explain why. Once approved you will be responsible for any actions committed by that account.

Joining our discord channel is an advantage. We have more news and announcement there.

Enjoy mining!